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Our lecture topics


The new picture of North America - USA, Alaska, Canada and Mexico, Arctic, Antarctica, Siberia, Scotland and the South Seas - from Chile to Papua New Guinea.

Our lectures in Panoramavision/ Multivision - moderated live.

We're bringing the magic of extra-large images back to the panorama screen, in the style of the old 70mm Cinemascope technique. Motivate your travel customers/viewers with our live moderated multivisions, panorama visions and travel lectures. 
Benefit from our years of experience.

Travel with us to the end of the world on a super wide screen (up to 15m wide).

Over 40 years of travel lectures/ multivisions

Pfaffs at DoDo Canyon_ NWT.jpg

We present with several video projectors on a mobile super wide panorama screen. We use the experience and knowledge of over 35 years in Canada and the USA in our shows to present North America in all its diversity. The recipe for the success of our digital panorama visions is the right mix of unusual panorama photos and informative live comments, which are accompanied by music and are authentic and understandable thanks to the original sound. There are also embedded film clips, recorded with a high-resolution 4K video camera. In addition, we are still the picture supplier for all major German travel catalog manufacturers and also supply the tourist guides / tourism guides of the Canadian provinces, such as the Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Atlantic Canada. We show a continuous panoramic image that can be projected up to 15 m wide, moderated live of course.


The new picture of North America - USA, Alaska, Canada and Mexico, Arctic, Antarctica, Siberia, Scotland and the South Seas - from Chile to Papua New Guinea.

Motivate your travel agency customers/spectators with our new digital presentation technology and experience for yourself the successful and overwhelming dimension of modern and innovative customer loyalty. As a reliable partner to the tourism industry in German-speaking Europe, we have been presenting North America as a destination in all its beauty for over 25 years. For more than 10 years, however, we have generally no longer shown any slides. The magic word is: "High-Definition Audio-Vision". Photos and films on a super wide panorama screen. We make event posters available to our partners free of charge.


Current presentation:
We travel with our audience* from Nova Scotia (New Scotland) to Scotland/England for a lecture evening. From the new world to the old world.




Scotland's finest castles and palaces.

This new multivision focuses on Scotland's castles and palaces, Edinburgh with the Fringe Festival in August and the Military Tattoo, Breamar's Highland Games with the visit of the Queen - photographed up close - hibzu to come an extensive whiskey tasting in Glasgow. Accompanied with many original sounds and with a lot of country-specific music.

New in the lecture offer:
Lecture #1

Vortrag #1

Western Canada - Alberta and British Columbia

A two-hour presentation about the two western Canadian provinces, produced specifically for RV travel. We present Vancouver and Calgary, Vancouver Island with killer whale watching, overnight stay in orca camp, sea kayaking through the Inside Passage. The focus is on the national parks of Banff and Jasper, but the insider tip Waterton National Park is also extensively presented with its hiking opportunities. This lecture is very multifaceted and can be combined with many other topics.


Vortrag #2
Lecture #3

Canada Coast to Coast -   East to West

Here we present all provinces of Canada for two hours - from east to west. Start is in Newfoundland to Vancouver Island. With the camper it goes through the maritime Canada, the French Canada to Ontario. We continue to the little-visited Parie provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, with a canoe tour on the legendary Churchill River and the Snowbirds, the Canadian aerobatic team, a visit to a German cowboy and a dance festival "Pow Wow" by the Indians. The provinces of Alberta and British Columbia are the culmination of this unique multivision.

Vortrag #3

The Maritime East of Canada

Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick make up the maritime provinces of eastern Canada. St. Johns, the gannets of Cap St. Mary's, with the O'Briens on whale watching and the oldest Viking settlement on North American soil are presented in detail. In Nova Scotia, head to the thick walls of the Citadel in Halifax, Fort Louisburg and moose watching in Cape Breton National Park. In Prince Edward Island National Park and in New Brunswick, the viewer experiences the highest tides in the world with the Bay of Fundy.

Lecture #4
Vortrag #4

The prairie of Canada -Manitoba and Saskatchewan

With this presentation about the prairie provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan we show the unknown and little visited Canada. Many visitors fly to eastern or western Canada and no one realizes how beautiful and interesting it is here. With our show we motivate and arouse curiosity. Our highlights include  the capital cities of Regina and Winnipeg, Riding Mountain, Prince Albert and the Graslands National Parks, Snowbirds Aerobatic Team, RCMP Training Academy, Churchill Polar Bears, Canoeing in the Saskatchewan High, La Reata Ranch, Native American visit and much more.

Lecture #5
Vortrag #5

With the jeep across Canada

Many people dream of traveling across Canada. We made the dream come true and that even with a Jeep Wrangler through all provinces. Highlights Toronto, Niagara Falls, Thunder Bay, the Serpents of Narcisse, the Trans-Canada Highway through Manitoba, Tyrell Museum, Banff National Park Camping, the Icefields Parkway, Wells Gray Prov. Park, Hat Creek Ranch, Squamish Cable Car, Vancouver and Vancouver Island with Victoria, etc.

Lecture #6
Vortrag #6
face_circleWir Kopie.jpg
Lecture #7

The Yukon - Canada's Lonely North

The Yukon Territory is undoubtedly one of the great destinations. This presentation shows most of the highlights in the Land of the Midnight Sun, such as Whitehorse, Kluane National Park, Glacier Flight to Mount Logan, Canada's highest mountain, Signpost Forest from Watson Lake, gold panning, Dawson City, Dempster and many grizzly bears.

Vortrag #7
Lecture #8

With the camper through the Yukon and Alaska

Anyone traveling through the Yukon in a campervan inevitably also visits Alaska, the Last Frontier. This adventurous panoramic vision starts from Whitehorse via the Alaska Highway to Fairbanks and on to Denali National Park, which is extensively covered with its highlights, such as a flight to the base camp for mountaineers on Mount Denali. The pick-up camper takes you over the wild gravel road of the Denali Highway to Seward and Anchorage and an unforgettable boat tour with Captain Rudolf to the calving Columbia Glacier. A presentation that arouses longing.

Vortrag #8

The Canadian Arctic - In the footsteps of Sir John Franklin

We spent several years traveling as photographers in the Canadian Arctic with the expedition ships Ljubov Orlova and Adventure Canada's Ocean Endeavor.  We passed through the Northwest Passage several times, visited the historic sites of the famous polar sea expeditions and traveled with Inuit and snowmobiles on the pack ice. We searched for traces of the missing Franklin Expedition in the huge part of Nunavut, visited the graves on Beeche Island and drove down to the Torngat Mountains of Labrador. A special focus of this multimedia show is climate change in the Arctic, documented with impressive and meaningful photos and videos.

Lecture #9
Lecture #10

The Canadian Arctic -

Through the Northwest Passage

We traveled with the expedition ships "Ljubov Orlova" and the "Ocean Endeavor" and the Canadian tour operator "Adventure Canada". Unique presentation: With Adventure Canada's expedition ship through the Arctic and to Greenland. Resolute, Beechy Island, Devon Island, Baffin Island, Davies Strait, Sisimuit, Disko Bay, Kangerlussuaq. Produced in August 2019.

Vortrag #10
Lecture #11

United States - The most beautiful national parks

With the mobile home to the most beautiful places in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, California and Mew Mexico.

Los Angeles, San Francisco, Albuquerque, etc. The National Parks of the Four Corners States.

Vortrag #11

United States - The Southwest

The American Southwest from a camper van's perspective. With the rental company Cruise America   we were on the road in different seasons in the land of the red sandstones and as a highlight the largest hot air balloon festival in Albuquerque.

Lecture #12
Eagle Rider Group.jpg
Lecture #13

With the Harley through the USA and Mexico

On behalf of the world's largest motorcycle rental company for Harley Davidson bikes, we were on the road with various groups in the USA and Mexico/ Baja California. Our Multivision is a must for every motorcycle tour operator and for every USA bike fan.



Canada - White Black Bear Expedition

A presentation on the rare Spirit Bears that hide on the coast of British Columbia. We've already been on TV twice with this topic. Among other things, we were able to experience the fight between a black and white bear live or how the spirit bear attacks us. An exciting full-length multivision that also shows a lot more of the province of British Columbia.

Lecture #14
Vortrag #14


Poster Moraine Lake.jpg
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Excerpt from the list of our long-standing event partners.


SK tourism

ADAC travel, various offices


Windrose Finest Travel

Blitz Reisen/ Overath

TUI Travel Globo Tourism

Haase Travel/ Bonn

Travel Agency Wust

DER TOURISTIK, various travel agencies

Schär Reisen, Bern/ Switzerland

Travel agency holiday island

KNECHT REISEN, Aarau/ Switzerland

LH City Center, Nuremberg

Unger Reisen, Vienna

TUI Travelstars RB's









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In our multimedia shows, we present a very high-resolution image quality and once again we stand for lively encounters and interaction with me as a speaker live on stage. The drive-in cinema as a newly praised medium against the corona depression and also a live stream of our lectures is not an alternative for us. Because we can only prove our credibility and our experience with the audience as a "presenter you can touch". That's why we won't present - only in exceptional cases or at the request of an organizer-  as digital avatars or in front of cars. Of course, the trailers for our shows can still be seen on the Internet.
All lectures have a length of 2 x 45 minutes and will of course be moderated live.
For appointments after "Corona" please contact us immediately
email or phone.

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